Our Story

Brand story

Welcome Empresses ❤️ My name is Ashley and I am the founder of ASH + AURIC (established in 2021). This brand was built and centered around the mission to solidify personal identity, genuine self love, sensual femininity, and overflowing confidence within our ourselves. Beauty is a language that can translate into many different mediums and perspectives but our focus here is sacredly adorning your spirit, your bodies, and your sanctuaries. These products have been created and curated for those who keep an extra eye out for what goes in and on her body. We are a demi-fine brand that creates space for everyday luxuries.

Ash plays a major role in guiding the path for the well known story of the Phoenix rebirth process. The unsuspected rising of the powerful Phoenix through the ashes symbolizes and speaks for those of us who have found ourselves inside and experiencing deeply low and dark moments. Often times these moment seemed endless yet STILL the Phoenix resurrects once again as a survivor and starts over again. It represents what is left behind after the ending and on the cusp of re-building again. We are in such a constant cycle of change and blessed to be gifted with the ability of choosing to create something beautiful from the inevitable (and often destructive) endings and ultimately the new beautiful beginnings in our lives. Auric represents the bright and unmistakeable energetic field of all living creatures. Together, they reflect the cycles  of life - death and rebirth whose themes are inevitable in our journey. Cheers to embracing life in each phase and bravely striving to show up authentically on a daily basis. Waking up each day is a delicious privilege so why not create a life of beauty and embrace the vibration of going higher despite knowing there will be low moments too. It’s all apart of the process.


ASH + AURIC is dedicated to providing you top quality products and superior customer service. We specialize in  hypoallergenic gold filled jewelry, solid gold jewelry, as well as sustainable home goods and body products. One area that we pride ourselves on is the durability and tarnish resistant quality of our jewelry. We never use lead or nickel based materials, which are known to trigger allergic reactions, especially to those of us with sensitive skin.

We work with base metals such as brass, stainless steel, or sterling silver which all then have a very thick gold coating (e-plating, filled, vermeil) over this which gives the natural appearance of solid gold. The thick layer of gold is what makes it ideal for daily wear. However for jewelry that is not solid gold they will naturally require additional care and maintenance. Avoiding harsh chemicals (cleaning supplies, body products, or external chemicals) will extend the life and wear of your pieces. Regular cleaning of your jewelry is also encouraged so opt for a microfiber cloth or delicate tooth brush and gently remove any build-up or moisture. Always make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing. Not doing so will decrease the lifetime wear of your jewelry. Solid gold jewelry may be worn anytime and does not need to be removed but all jewelry has a tendency to be delicate so use care and caution when not removing jewelry on a daily basis.

There is always a risk associated with applying any product on our bodies so be sure to remove any jewelry or product at first signs of irritation. But feel confident in knowing that our materials and ingredients are focused on greatly reducing the risk of allergic reactions and unnecessary toxins.