The 101 on How To Clean Your Jewelry

It's difficult, we know. But cleaning your jewelry is an important part for keeping your pieces shiny, hygienic and long-lasting. 

 As a lover of daily adornment pieces, I believe in wearing jewelry as a beauty ritual and a spiritual practice. We have some recommendations that will help you extend the wear of your special pieces for years to come. 

Jewelry made with solid gold means that you can wear it daily with minimal up keeping. Solid gold doesn’t require much aside from occasional polishes as build up can occur from constant wear and use. 

Our Demi-fine jewelry on the other hand is created with similar craftsmanship in mind but instead of solid gold, the pieces are gold filled or gold plated. Due to the thicker plating process the jewelry has a much longer life span and usually does fine if it comes in contact with water. But it’s still a good idea to understand how to property clean your jewelry and consider these do’s and don’ts

Here are some of our do's & dont's:


  • Store your jewelry in a dry, dark place when you aren’t wearing it. A soft pouch or drawer is my personal favorite so that it’s less likely to get lost. 
  • Very softly wipe away any residue that accumulates on your jewelry as soon as possible. A soft microfiber cloth and clean toothbrush usually does the trick. Being gentle will help you avoid rubbing off the layer of gold. 


  • Avoid spraying or applying any lotion, perfume, or chemicals on your body after putting on your jewelry. This usually triggers a chemical reaction that causes tarnishing or degradation of the gold plating. Apply these things first and let them dry. Remove all jewelry before using cleaning products. 
  • Salt water is not your friend. From the ocean to sweat, it all creates build up on your skin. This can definitely affect the life of your jewelry over time. 
  • It isn’t a good idea to use jewelry cleaner because most of those are created for solid gold or other metals. A tiny bit of water will usually be your best bet but make sure to dry it completely and stick to distilled water. 




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